Wines and vineyards

Our vineyards are our most precious heritage – cultivated over the centuries in areas known for their favourable exposure, climates and quality of soils – together with the acclaimed Ligurian vines: rossese di Dolceacqua, pigato and vermentino.

Our goal is to be uncompromisingly true to our territory and transform our vineyards into a unique wine that perfectly captures the qualities of our environment. We believe that a deep understanding of our vineyards, our grapes and of the appropriate wine-making techniques are key to a coherent interpretation of the terroir. An approach that doesn’t burden our wines with unnecessary frills but instead it highlights their natural qualities, respectful of a particular vintage and environment.

We see all of our wines as special in their own way – and we give them all our utmost love and care. This is also why we never stand still but rather keep ourselves in a state of perpetual discovery and improvement. It has allowed us to create an experience that today, as we carry on through new generations, has become tradition. With one consistent element – a genuine, heartfelt passion.

We offer four types of red and three types of whites.

Here you can find a brief description for each of them. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you require more information.




A luminous white wine with a soft and elegant aroma and scents of fruit and white flowers. Its taste is fresh and soft, with a slightly pungent hint. Ideal as an aperitif or with seafood and grilled fish.
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Its golden, intense colour reveals a lasting aroma with hints of peach, acacia honey and aromatic herbs. It’s a dry wine with a lovely bitter aftertaste. Perfect with any fish and crustaceans, grilled white meats, pesto and even cured meats.
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Arcana Bianco

A golden wine with an intense, mineral scent and hints of honey. It’s fresh, savoury, slightly bitter at the end, and very elegant. A great complement to any fish, seafood and crustaceans.
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Rossese di Dolceacqua

A ruby red wine with an intense aroma that presents hints of wild berries, cherry, dog-rose and spices. It’s slightly savoury, with a warm body and bitter notes. A perfect complement for blue fish, grilled or lightly dressed white meats, rabbit, stockfish and vegetable pies.
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Bricco Arcagna

This is a rich red aged in oak barrels, with an intense scent focused on hints of pickled cherry, spices and incense. It’s savoury, silky and warm, with a slightly tart end. Wonderful with grilled red meats, rabbit and bird game, and goat with white beans.
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The Rossese di Dolceacqua from the vineyard that gave the name to our winery.
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Arcana Rosso

Of an intense garnet-red colour with crimson shades, this is a structured wine with a red berries, spices and balsamic aroma. Its taste is warm and dry, with underlying vanilla tones. Perfect with grilled red meats, lamb or goat stews and game.
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