Wines and vineyards

Our vineyards show a variety of soils and micro climates, the perfect foundation to create an original take on yet recognisably Ligurian wines: rossese di Dolceacqua, pigato and vermentino. Every vineyard offers unique geological, geographical and historical characteristics, which we invite you to discover.


The vineyards


The cru that inspired the name of our business. Unique, since 1870.
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Since the 5th century b.C. this area was cultivated first by Ligurians, then Romans, benedictine monks and finally people from Dolceacqua. History made it a superb cru.
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A unique vineyard with a range of soils: from red clay to hard rock. Young and full of potential.
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Small vineyard with impossibly steep inclines: the harshest Ligurian landscape.
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